Flowers In Hotel Rooms Volume V by Sarah Bodman

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Lots of travel can sound glamorous but in reality is mostly time spent in airports, stations and hotel rooms. This series of books has helped occupy my time by imagining what the characters in the books I read would be doing if they were here. For Volume V, I read Gogol’s Dead Souls, looking at a gilded mirror in a London hotel room thinking of Chichikov’s purchases. In Melbourne, I read the Jerilderie Letter alongside Peter Carey’s manuscripts for The True History of the Kelly Gang. In The Netherlands, working with Tom Sowden, for John Fante’s Ask The Dust, I appropriate the palm tree remnants from an Ed Ruscha tribute video we made on the train. In Scotland I wept with laughter at an empty fridge thanks to David Sedaris’s Barrel Fever, and after interviewing Dmitry Sayenko ate ‘mashed peas’ in Manchester for Daniil Kharms. I don’t know where I’m going next, or what I’ll be reading, but these days I look forward to any dull hotel or shabby motel—as I know anything could happen.

Artist Bio

Sarah Bodman's books explore the darker side of nature and human nature. Intimate objects that appear beautiful in order to lead the viewer into the underlying meeting point between the opposites of tenderness and cruelty. Some works include: 'Viola' -the story of a serial killer baker; 'Closure' - the end of a love affair between a plane spotter and flower arranger, and 'How Do I Love Thee', a collaboration with JP Willis which explores the ways in which people keep their loved ones nearby. She is currently working on a new book 'Gift: I made this for you', about the Angel of Bremen, which will launch in June 2016 in Berlin. 'Flowers In Hotel Rooms Volumes I-V' provides not only an ongoing tribute to the authors' works she reads in hotel rooms, but also light relief from all the terrible people she has to study for her practice.