Floor plan with mementos by Guylaine Couture -SOLD!


Floor plan with mementos is a book about the dish (as a container for serving food) that I keep around me and all the memories that go with every piece related to a person important in my life for various reasons. When you open the book, you have a floor plan for an imaginary home. You will find ten pieces associated with a room and each one have my little story about it and a drawing.

Artist Bio

Guylaine Couture lives in Montreal, speaks French, teaches graphic design and shares her discoveries on her blog. She started making artist books after a short bindery workshop some years ago. She has this obsession with creativity and paper for a long time. As a graphic designer, Guylaine is upset by the enormous quantities of paper and words used and abused to push a commercial message. The re-use of printed documents, pieces of photos, and chosen words is a perpetual game for her. Using collage, drawing and manual printing, she tries to give a new direction, a second life to this material. Each book attempts to create a fusion between the contents and the container while questioning the manipulation of the object by the reader. Browse slowly one of its artists' books is an experience, a conversation, a relationship with her and her concerns. She participated in exhibitions in Canada, the United States, in England and Australia.