Flight by Dea Fischer -SOLD!

I have long been fascinated by the ways in which birds congregate, move and socialize. Ravens and magpies draw my attention, and are something of a totem for me. They are wise creatures and carry secrets on their backs. It is said they will reveal their secret wisdom to you if accorded appropriate respect. Their plumage and wing structure is a source of beauty and fascination. I wanted to capture the strike of light through translucent pinions in the structure and materials for this book. It seemed to me the only structure to use would be Hedi Kyle's flag book structure, as it has played an important part in my book arts lexicon over the years, and is a form I know and love well. The striking contrasts of the piece were particularly inspired by the stark relief of corvids in skeletal branches silhouetted against the white snow that I see every day on my winter walks. The text is a century-old poem by William Carlos Williams entitled The Birds.

Artist Bio

Dea Fischer is an internationally sought teacher and book artist with works held in special, public and private collections in Canada, the US, England, Korea and Japan. Dea is the conservator for a public library and teaches popular courses in bookbinding, altered books, collage and low tech image creation. Dea has a slow-burning love affair with books, collage and low-tech photography. In her off hours, she engages her community in acts of random creation.