Field Studies No. 23, Kou (Cordia subcordata) by Andie Thrams -SOLD!

I painted the pages for this book beneath the wild Kou trees, at the water's edge, near Captain Cook Monument, on Kealakakua Bay, in Hawaii. Wandering is required to find this beloved, wild and beautiful place. A two-mile trail descends relentlessly for 1700 feet, traversing forests and lava fields, before it reaches the turquoise waters of Kealakakua Bay. The Bay and its surroundings are rich with a wide diversity of plants, birds, corals, fish, and marine mammals. I have spent countless hours swimming and snorkeling these waters, listening to the humpback whale's ethereal songs underwater, swimming with the resident spinner dolphins. I always carry my art supplies down and back up the long hot trail, so I can paint in the shade of the orange-flowered Kou trees when I am not in the water. I watch, listen, trace forms with twigs, paint colors and shapes, each brushstroke a new awareness of what lives and grows, my own prayer to the wilds, weaving me deeply and gladly into it all.

Artist Bio

Andie Thrams (b. 1952, Oakland, CA) is a California-based painter and book artist. Her lifelong devotion to creative work in wilderness locations, especially within the pages of her field journals, has evolved into artist's books and paintings held in prominent private and public collections at Yale University and the University of California, among others. Her work is widely exhibited and has been honored by institutions including Sitka Center for Art & Ecology and Yosemite Renaissance. She earned a BA in art practice from the University of California, Berkeley, and she teaches for San Francisco Center for the Book, San Francisco State University, and more. She is currently at work on two series, "In Forests" and "Field Studies." These projects, which involve both artist's books and paintings, document her experiences during treks on foot and by kayak into forests from California to Alaska. Andie has been a working artist since high school; she has worked as botanical illustrator, graphic designer, exhibition designer, cartographer, calligrapher, art educator, river guide, waitress, grocery bagger, ticket seller and occasional publisher, as Larkspur Graphics. She lives in a rural town in the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada, with her husband.