Field Studies No. 15 by Andie Thrams - SOLD!

[caption id="attachment_7271" align="alignright" width="300"]Field Studies No. 9, Wyethia Molliss (Open Faces) by Andie Thrams Field Studies No. 9, Wyethia molliss (Open Faces) by Andie Thrams[/caption] Without Apology references conflict between my creative work outdoors and computer time indoors. When I choose my outdoor work, I find myself apologizing for not keeping up. When I stay indoors, I grow disgruntled missing experiences I value, such as painting fleeting wildflowers. I try to make a practice of not apologizing for choosing the work I feel most suited to. Grappling with overwhelm and unhappiness resulting from disconnection to nature is not something I am not alone in, but is a contemporary cultural phenomenon. Daily time outdoors to experience the energies of our planet, through walking, breathing fresh air, and mindful observation, deepens our connection to earth, sky, trees, flowers, wildness. In choosing these simple activities, I believe our existence is profoundly shifted, and dare I say, our world could be saved. Palladium leaf illuminates the lupine flower’s silvery foliage and rectangles echoing my computer’s silver screen.  

Artist Bio

Andie Thrams (b. 1952, Oakland, CA) is a California-based visual artist and occasional publisher as Larkspur Graphics. Her lifelong devotion to creative work in wilderness locations, especially within the pages of her field journals, has evolved into artist books and paintings held in numerous private and public collections at Yale University and the University of Washington, among others. Her work is widely exhibited and has been honored by institutions including Sitka Center for Art and Ecology and Yosemite Renaissance. She earned a BA in art practice from the University of California Berkeley and teaches for San Francisco Center for the Book, San Francisco State University Sierra Nevada Field Campus and more. She is currently at work on two series, IN FORESTS and FIELD STUDIES. These projects, which record her experiences during treks on foot and by kayak into wild forests from California to Alaska, are a contemporary hybrid of the illuminated manuscript and the field journal.