Fibonacci Exposed by Meryl Perloff

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The work of Fibonacci holds an important place in our lives. Not only did his work explore The Golden Ratio, but his widely recognized number sequence surrounds our lives in many unrecognized ways. It describes a multitude of objects and processes that we take for granted, but that amaze us when examined closely. The sequence occurs with regularity in nature and can be seen in plants, flowers, pine cones, seashells, body parts and many other forms. This unique object demonstrates some of the information Fibonacci studied and artistically presents an interesting object to assemble, unfold, and disassemble. Beginning as a square column, its four quadrants unfurl to reveal triangular shapes whose windows contain information.

Artist Bio

Meryl Perloff delights in creating unique sculptural forms as artists’ books. Devising structures that create a visual dialog with the observer engages the artist in a process that is both private and public. Humor, fantasy, and elements of surprise encourage the viewer to interpret content in ways not previously imagined. Objects that pivot and rotate invite interest and add enthusiasm for discovery. The delivery of information in non-traditional forms inspires the artist to seek connections with viewers by expanding the realm of the familiar.