Feast at Stone Ridge by Marina Sartori

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The contents of this book record an artistic participatory performance dinner that I created with the help of other artists. The event took place in a barn in upstate New York. The wooden box contains a booklet and a card attached to the inside cover. The booklet is the “recipe book,” its pages are pieces of the paper “tablecloths” from the event. They record the spills from food and drink. The text interspersed between these pages comprises the menu and the poems—by Pia Marrella Cisternino—read at the meal. The cover of the booklet has photographs showing before and after images of the tables. The card on the inside cover of the box has photographic images of food served at the event and of the barn. Opening the card activates an integrated sound module, which plays the sounds from the event.

Artist Bio

For the past seventeen years, Marina has been making books, in some form or other, as part of her artistic work. The book-making developed from print-making and photography as an exploration in the use of multiples of the same image. The books reflect and expand upon the ideas and medium she is exploring at any given time. Some of the "books"present themselves as games, sets of postcards, folios, or small bound booklets. They incorporate her original lithographs, etchings, photographs, typeset text and, most recently, paintings. Marina has collaborated with poets, using their original poems, as well as written her own texts, for the books she has made. She is currently based in Cambridge, MA.