Explorers by Katie Preston

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Do you ever have those moments between asleep and awake, where you meet someone for the first time and it's as if you've known them forever? Where you're both in a world all your own but it's limitless and bends reality ever so slightly without either of you noticing. You have experiences and treasured moments together and then you blink again, you're fully awake, you miss them. I have had several of these waking experiences that have felt so real the memory is like that of something that actually took place. Often I would have dreams of getting lost at sea with either animals or people. I still remember each instance and on one occasion, the whale I swam away with in a dream was a real whale living off the coast of Haida Gwaii. I did not illustrate my own dream in this book but I chose to base it off of a song that echoes those dreams in a linear narrative that could be more easily read without words. This book is for the dreamers who have lived in another world. https://youtu.be/zOeF9NxVVSQ

Artist Bio

Katie Preston (b.1989) is an illustrator that hails from a small suburb of Portland Oregon where she grew up daydreaming of swimming with whales. She is currently finishing up at Pacific Northwest College of Art where she is fine tuning her book making and painting skills. She has shown her work at the annual Oregon Surfrider's Foundation July fundraiser and the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. Katie gleefully enjoys making as many books as possible and jotting down ideas that have yet to see fruition.