Experiencing This Musical Existence by Dr. Bob Pliny - SOLD!

As I get a little older, I experience moments in which life takes on a kind of musical quality. Things seem to exist like little musical phrases that are always appearing and disappearing within a wonderfully complex piece of music. I experience things undergoing changes from one state to another, like the changing tones that make up a melody. Experiencing This Musical Existence presents many examples of Change Notation, a method I have devised for deepening people's awareness of change. Using Change Notation I am able to diagram changes in a thing's characteristics, position and interaction with other things. Change Notation may be used to describe any experience that a person may have. Many of the symbols and structural components that are used in Music Notation, also appear in Change Notation. However, whereas Music Notation is limited to diagramming rhythms and melodies, Change Notation may be used to describe any characteristic or event a person experiences.

Artist Bio

In 2005 Dr. Pliny opened the Pliny Institute of Super Vision. He grew up in Salem, Oregon and currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his partner, Lucinda, and two Dachshunds. Dr. Pliny graduated with honors from The Cooper Union, NYC. At different times of his life Dr. Pliny has Dr. Bob Pliny has been making art his entire life. Most of the time the artwork produced by Dr. Bob Pliny features pen and ink and fine brush detail applied on layers of loosely applied acrylic paint. Gold leaf is sometimes used as well. The substrate is either paper or wood. Both surfaces are smooth enough to draw on that I'm able to use dip pens with India ink or liquid acrylic.