Escape From Eden by Ippy Patterson

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I made this book after visiting China because I was struck by that culture's use of dragons as a source of power and wondered how it would be to use a dragon as an image of God in an illustrated work about the predicament of paradise. I also was interested in the Judaic figure of Lilith, who has more power than God will allow, so I drew Adam with Lilith balanced in the hands of the dragon and later Eve emerging from Adam's rib. I covered God with scales much like the serpent, they are almost one and the same creature, each enraged. (The dragon's tail is a wrecking ball.) Eve and Adam suffer loss of innocence and the protections that paradise offered in order to gain the beginnings of understanding. Their final appearance is victorious; the last panel includes white space (oxygen) not available in the densely inked first 14 pages. The words are by my college professor, Keith Waldrop,who kindly offered this poem when I asked if he had written any related to paradise.

Artist Bio

Ippy Patterson was born in 1953 and grew up in a mining camp in northern Chile. She drew and wrote poems through her childhood. She attended RISD and Brown University. She published work with Burning Deck Press and New Directions. In the 1980s she illustrated for The New York Times and has illustrated several award winning books. (Awards include: The National Academy of Sciences,Garden Writers of America, and AIGA.) At present she illustrates a column for Walter Magazine and is drawing and writing her Boogeyman Memoirs.