Erase the Hate by Katie Delay

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This book explores bullying, race/ethnicity, sexual preference, religion and women's issues. While we in contemporary society may think we have made great strides in these areas, closer inspection suggests that as we take one step forward, we take another step back. Each topic is addressed within its own sewn signature placed into a handmade envelope. The five envelopes are bound into the book as pages. The text is digitally printed in shades of gray. If we are to make any changes in this world, we each must first look within ourselves and examine our own prejudices and irrational fears. Only then may we begin to Erase the Hate.

Artist Bio

Katie Delay is a visual artist, author, educator who lives, works and plays in Northwest Ohio. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from Emmanuel College (Boston) and a Master's Degree in Art Education from the University of Toledo (Ohio). She has exhibited nationally, and her work can be found in the collections of Information Systems of America, Roosevelt University, Calphalon Cookware, the municipal collections of Holden, Massachusetts and Toledo, Ohio, as well as the Omagh Museum, Northern Ireland, and numerous private collections. Katie created her first hand-made books as a pre-schooler, making teeny little books for her dollhouse. There was no turning back. Eventually, she took classes to learn skills like bookbinding and letterpress printing. She is now a self-professed book junkie, making all kinds of books and teaching bookmaking workshops. Her day job is teaching visual art and design at a career-technical high school. In 2010 she was honored by the Ohio Art Education Association with a regional award as Outstanding Art Teacher.