Environmental Book by Joan Iversen Goswell - SOLD!

The environment is a mess and getting messier. Chemical additives in our food, poison in our air, developers grabbing any green space they can, genetically modified food and seeds that become our food, poisons in our water and loss of farmland brought on by multi-national agricultural mega-corporations. Do you like the fact that Monsanto can produce a corn seed that is sterile? How about a corn seed that is patented, and then, when its pollen blows into a farmer's perfectly normal cornfield, and the patented corn grows, they sue for infringement and win. How about radical global changes in our weather? How about antibiotics in our meat that creates resistance in our bodies so that when we get sick, the antibiotics don't work? And, best of all, how about real human beings, freeze-dried and displayed in Science museums all over the country? It's about time we started thinking in terms of an environment that is clean, productive and beneficial to humans and animals alike.

Artist Bio

Joan Iversen Goswell is a book artist specializing in one-of-a-kind books printed and illustrated almost entirely with handcut eraser stamps. She also incorporates materials such as paper pulp painting, wire, metal, found objects, digital printing, collage . . . whatever the book requires. She often writes her own texts. Her books are all bound by hand. She has shown nationally and internationally and her books are included in several important collections including the Sackner Archives, The Arthur Jaffe Collection and the Yves Klein Archives. She is best known for her satirical works on political and societal issues. She believes, as a political artist, it's her duty to address these issues. Her style is absurd, humorous, cynical, and sometimes, down right nasty. She creates books in the hope that you either laugh at the insanity of it all, or become angry enough to DO something. Try Activism- it works!