Entre deux by Louise Levergneux - SOLD!

Entre deux is an interactive documentary inviting the viewer to partake in a simple meal with a couple while being privy to the couple’s conversation on the subject of love. The project is a sensory experience for the viewer from the physical demand of flipping the pages while sharing in the meal to breaking bread to be part of the conversation. The colours of Entre deux are a feast to the eyes from the red cloth of the box to the visual textures and brightness of the printed books. The flip book was created by first filming the couple eating the soup and then bringing the video into Photoshop to create layers for the images to be placed into the template for the book printing.

Artist Bio

Louise Levergneux is a photographer and book artist who creates limited-edition artists' books and has participated in national and international book arts exhibitions. Her work incorporates photography as a device that express her interest in the concepts of memory and identity, centering on collecting, storing, and disseminating personal information.