Encroachment by Carrie Larson

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The development of this piece began with the simple observation of moss growing within sidewalk cracks. As I contemplated this rather beautiful phenomenon during neighborhood walks, I was also mulling over media reports about the National Security Agency's data collection, particularly in light of Edward Snowden's revelations. The moss began to symbolize that infiltration—a creeping loss of privacy, a gradual erosion of rights. What may appear rather benign, instead has a highly destructive capacity, capable of crumbling foundations, whether these are foundations of trust or a country's founding principles.

Artist Bio

Carrie is a visual artist based in Hoquiam, Washington. There a well-worn library card helps fuel her inspiration while a couple of cats (who like to investigate works in progress) keep her sufficiently grounded. During her education at Whitman College she was introduced to Book Arts as a means of expression-a foundation that continues to influence her art-making. Recently her artist's book, Red Revisited, was included in Lark Crafts publication, 500 Handmade Books, Volume 2 and the piece, Lamentation, was selected for the Artists' Book Cornucopia V exhibit at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver.