El Mar by Steven Daiber

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El Mar is a whirlwind scroll of a Cuban geography book and the April 2006 Cuban newspaper Granma. Early in the month, Granma reported on the Cuban national baseball team’s return from the World Games. Later in April, Granma celebrated the battle of Playa Giron (also known as the Bay of Pigs), an ill-fated invasion attempt by the United States. Printed on the newspaper are woodcut images of fish found in the waters off Cuba. Contemporary images of ball players, street scenes, historical postcards, and Black Panther William Brent are silkscreened over pages of Cuban geography.

Artist Bio

Red Trillium Press is the work of Steven Daiber based in Massachusetts. Daiber has worked with books for more than twenty years. He has been to Cuba regularly since 2001 and has facilitated dialogue between Cuban and foreign artists. His books create real, metaphorical objects: palaces of the memory in which each element underscores a meaning. The books he creates in collaboration with Cuban artists tell their stories of the lived reality in Cuba in the 21st century. Daiber’s professional work as an artist originated with training in drawing and painting, with a M.F.A. from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1981 and a B.F.A. from the University of Delaware in 1978.