Eelio by Shawn Sheehy

The name “Eelio” is a fusion of “eel” and “helio.” Helios is the greek personification of the sun (an energy source), and helium is named after Helios. Helium has the strange characteristic of being somewhat rare on Earth but particularly abundant in the universe. Helium serves then as a useful symbol for the energy paradox we experience on the Earth—we have numerous infinite energy sources, but we instead deplete our finite sources. As some eels generate their own electricity, it seems a fitting animal to serve as an energy god. Putting solar sails (a method for efficiently collecting and using solar energy) as wings onto an eel body, and giving that body the cool breath-flame of natural gas burning, makes the creature’s appearance dragon-like and reminiscent of familar mythical creatures. EELIO is the second in the Enviro-Gods Series.

Artist Bio

Shawn Sheehy has been teaching book arts courses and workshops on the national level—primarily in paper making and paper engineering—since 2001. His broadsides and artist book editions have been collected by numerous prestigious institutions, including Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of Chicago, Library of Congress, UCLA, and Harvard. His pop-ups have been featured twice in both Hand Papermaking magazine and Vintage magazine. Sheehy's trade pop-up book Welcome to the Neighborwood (a mass-market version of his artist book) was released in 2015, winning numerous awards. He's currently at work on his next trade book—a mass-market version of his artist book Beyond the Sixth Extinction—and it will be released through Candlewick in October 2018. He holds an MFA in the Book Arts from Columbia College Chicago. Visit him at