Eclipsis Lunar by Catherine Nash

$2,100.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.

Wrapped up in a blanket, I witnessed a full lunar eclipse in the middle of the night. The sky is an ultimate touchstone for me, representing spaciousness, the infinite, the big mystery... I sometimes need a reminder that I am just a tiny being on this spinning planet in a solar system, within one galaxy among multitudinous galaxies—levity. May I carry that around with me, please? Eclipsis Lunar became part of an ongoing series I call Secret Skies in which I play with a physical way of bottling up, translating, of trying to comprehend the unfathomable with a bit of humor. Within a rustic handmade cabinet I constructed out of an old box, wooden panels and vintage hardware, a fantasy stage set of night. Two moments of a “lunar eclipse” were cut from mica sheeting and adhered within a removable antique compact case. Have lunar eclipse, will travel.

Artist Bio

A long time resident of Tucson, Arizona, artist Catherine Nash, M.F.A., freely mixes media in her work to express her ideas. Her love of travel and different cultures has inspired her to live, create, exhibit, research and teach on four continents. Nash balances her studio time with her work as an educator across the U.S. and abroad. She has published four educational DVDs on the art of papermaking and is currently writing a book that surveys international artists entitled Authentic Visual Voices. Nash's work has been included by invitation into numerous national and international exhibitions. Nash currently has three artist books exhibited in “Correspondence” - the 9th Int’l Book Art Festival, which is touring across Poland until 2014. She was greatly honored to be one of the invited artists in the Sofia Paper Biennale 2011 in Bulgaria. The landscape, aesthetics and cultures of Japan, the rich gradations and spaciousness of Scandinavian summer night skies, experiences with Native American friends and her explorations into the wilderness of the southwestern deserts have deeply influenced and informed her work.