Dressing for the Noon Day Sun & Other Cultural Costume Necessities by Elsi Vassdal Ellis

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A box is delivered to a University of Copenhagen professor of cross-cultural studies while visiting family in Wiesbaden, Germany. When it is opened an eclectic collection of books, artifacts, envelopes, and cases are revealed. The box was discovered in the war ravaged section of Old Aleppo, Syria, by Nr. Nazim Azmeh the contact agent in Aleppo for HK, the owner and creator of the box. HK's identity and gender are not known. All that is known of HK has been inferred from the contents of the box: an archaeologist hunting for artifacts, a collector of artifacts, a maker of artifacts. There are 30 books in the box. This particular book is a photographic documentation in Arabic and English of 19th century Syrian fashion. It was created by HK for HK's brother who is interning in a Paris fashion house. HK has highlighted in red various costume elements and the Arabic terms for the item. This book is complemented by the first volume of fabric samples: The Loom of Life: Syria's Warp and Weft.

Artist Bio

Elsi Vassdal Ellis creates books in a well-equipped studio outside Bellingham on 20 acres of what was once part of the Buckholtz Homestead. Born in Fallon, Nevada, in 1952, she spent her formative years in Iowa City, Iowa, before settling down in the Pacific Northwest. Since 1983 she has produced over 125 editions and 120 unique books employing a variety of reproduction techniques and materials. Her work is permanently housed in many public collections including the National Museum of Women in the Arts, New York City Public Library, Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, Grabhorn Collection in the San Francisco Public Library, and Arts of the Book Collection in the Yale University Library. Western Washington University has been her professional home since 1977 where she holds the rank of full professor and teaches courses in design production and (occasionally) book arts.