Dress Dream Trilogy by Lynn Agnew

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Dress Dream Trilogy is an exercise in letting go, releasing old dresses and vintage family linens as well as dreams both good and bad. Making this book was an opportunity to let go of old clothes that connected me to memories which appear too often in my dreams. Each small book represents a chapter of about two decades of the dream dresses in my life. Constructing each of the little books out of vintage pillowcases seemed an appropriate way to put both dreams and dresses to rest.

Artist Bio

Lynn Fry Agnew is a book artist, printmaker, and fiber artist living in the Pacific Northwest where the surrounding trees and forests have deeply influenced her work. Lynn creates books of both fabric and paper that reflect her concern for the impact of human beings on the environment and books that explore the wonder and mystery that is found in the passage of time. She was raised on the east coast and holds degrees from Middlebury College, Bank Street College of Education, and Parsons School of Design. She has taught classes for students from ages six to sixty. Her work can be found in university libraries and private collections in the US and Canada and online at lynnfryagnew.com.