Dreamings by Suzanne Moore


Dreamings poses questions regarding art, the natural world, color, Aboriginal people, and infinity / eternity. It is part of a series of manuscript and edition books created over the last decade.

A large abstract "Dreaming" is written and painted as the background for interleaved (sized) Tosa Usushi papers, carrying the text, and allowing the text to float above the imagery, with text reading from both sides.

Artist Bio

Born to a family of gifted inventor-engineers and raised in post-Sputnik middle America, with aptitudes in math and science, Suzanne was channelled into those fields at an early age. She made her way into the world of art-making at 20-something, and earned a BFA in Printmaking and Drawing in 1973. Her work as a book artist and lettering designer combines contemporary vision with traditional scribal techniques, printmaking and painting. Recent work has included and a pair of large-format manuscript books with monotype imagery presenting Bob Dylan song lyrics., and interpretations of the Holst “Planets” Suite and the story of Scheherazade, the Ballets Russes, Orientalism and artistic convergence in Paris at the turn of the last century, following the variant edition Zero, Cypher of Infinity.