Dragonfly by Bryan Kring

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Tiny brooms chase a colorful dragonfly across a summer lawn. This story is based on one of my oldest memories that ended with the killing of a dragonfly. It was a very small event but for me it marked a passage and a loss of innocence. Both sad and utterly human. A short video of this work can be viewed here.

Artist Bio

Bryan Kring is a graphic designer, letterpress printer and book artist in Oakland, California. He was first featured here at 23 Sandy in our Pop Up Now! show in October of 2010. When I was in my early twenties I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be Ernest Hemingway with a bottle of rum in a grass hut on a beach in Cuba. I liked writing but I didn’t have any stories to tell. Instead I saw pictures so I took up painting. I went to art school and filled my home with canvases. When I ran out of space I turned to printmaking. I was seduced by the beauty of ink and paper and explored first etching and then later letterpress printing. Now, in my forties, as I play in the book arts I am having fun connecting the circle back to the writing.