Double Wine Stickers Book by Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo

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This is an hommage to Hedi. When we met the very first time, I discovered with joy there was somebody else on the planet collecting fruit stickers... so we started swapping. Then my friends started gathering stickers for me, so I've got a rather wide collection. I devised this structure (called "double wine flag book" because of the holding structure, made with half cuts like the wine packaging, no glue, no thread), inspired by a book made by Rutherford Witthus and seen somewhere in the web. Then I made two twin books and put a series of my stickers collection, and sent one of them to Hedi. Now I teach it in my workshops and it's a success: you can also play music with it, opening and closing it - try!

Artist Bio

In her life Cristina has chosen to deal with paper and books. In addition to restoration and traditional bookbinding, in recent years she has deepened her knowledge of creative bookbinding and contemporary book arts by collaborating with artists, graphic designers, calligraphers, photographers and other professionals. She works for private collectors and bibliophiles as well as teaching bookbinding, restoration and book arts, both in Italy and abroad. At the same time, she's passionate about graphic design, photography, typography, engraving, design... and much more.