Don't take your guns to town by Mary Uthuppuru

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I created this book in response to the gun tragedies that have overwhelmed the news within the last few years. They were so numerous that I found myself in a perpetual state of sadness and disappointment. The tragedies left me with a lump in my throat and a slew of questions about human nature that I sought answers to. What drives us to pick up a gun? What urges us to use one? Why guns in the first place? Is owning a gun worth the potential hazards? Looking to contemporary media and literature, I explored the debate for and against gun control. Before long, I turned to music and found myself connecting with Johnny Cash's "Don't take your guns to town." The song addresses a scenario that is still relevant today, and while it doesn't answer all of my questions that still persist, it is a lens through which I can see another viewpoint.

Artist Bio

From her home studio in Bloomington, Indiana, Mary Uthuppuru creates artist books, bindings, boxes, and prints inspired by science, literature and nature. Fascinated by life's mysteries, a yearning for adventures great and small, and a novel constantly at hand, she draws viewers into her work with play and layers of meaning. Her work often features woodblock prints, paste papers, drawn and painted elements and occasionally electronics. In 2010, she began her career as a full time book artist and book binder under the name Spring Leaf Press. In 2011, she won Best Binding in category at the One Book Many Interpretations: Second Edition exhibit at the Chicago Public Library; in 2012 earned Second Place for her submission to Fantasy and Nonsense at the Marriott Library, University of Utah; and was awarded Best in Show for Eco Editions in 2013 at 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, Oregon.