Don't Cut Your Hair It's Beautiful by Kellee Morgado

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Don’t Cut Your Hair It’s Beautiful disrupts and explores the relationship between hair that is considered valuable and hair that must be hidden, removed, and made invisible. The book includes contributions from twelve creatives in particular, but not limited to, those working with hair as a subject or material. These individuals were invited to respond to one of several prompts or to generate their own response about hair on the body. They could also choose to include an image, either found or made. These twelve writings provide thoughts and experiences surrounding hair, multiple points of access, and themes connected to hair on the body including: shame, resistance, and identity.

Hair, from head to toe, is a mutable mode of self-expression and identity. Hair on the head and body is intimately woven through feminism, gender, sexuality, spirituality, race, religion, culture, and resistance. It is my hope that more people come to celebrate their hair, empower others’ choice, and that the expression of body hair on female aligned individuals will be just as normal as its removal; free of shame and judgement.

Don’t Cut Your Hair It’s Beautiful is a set of interactive books that asks the reader to fold and unfold pages to construct or reveal images and text. Through the use of fragmented images, readers are encouraged to explore multiple possibilities of sequencing and arrangement where covers pair with center spreads to construct complete images.

Artist Bio

Kellee Morgado is an interdisciplinary designer and artist. She received her BFA in graphic design at Appalachian State University (2017) and most recently completed a two year fellowship at Black Rock Press (2018-2020). Her position as Redfield Fellow culminated in her contribution to the biennial Parley Project titled Don’t Cut Your Hair It’s Beautiful which is her first edition of artist books. Morgado currently resides in Reno, Nevada. She has a particular attraction to artist books, typography, printed matter, textiles and letterpress and enjoys exploring this intersection of books, print, and design.