Domestic Notes by Eileen White

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The book started as an exploration of language found in a 1940's architects journal. The visual and textual language of the journal reflects the post war era dominated by a masculinity concerned with concrete and modernist building. As the book developed I began to layer in fragments of found drawings and papers salvaged from my deceased father-in-law's house. Domestic notes was a journal that I found in a charity shop that resonates with my practice, which currently examines found kitchen materials to make work. It is particular in that it documents the voices of a number of authors who layer together both domestic and practical hints, such as re-pluming a sink. It makes present a range of domestic activities enacted by nuns that would normally be hidden from view. The book is both a visual and spatial exploration of interior and exterior surfaces that begin to perforate each other.

Artist Bio

Eileen White is an artist living and working in Winchester, Hampshire, UK. Her practice is rooted in textiles and printmaking in the broadest sense with an interdisciplinary approach to her work. Eileen's studio practice revolves around site-responsive and researched narratives based on the experience of a particular place and time. Her work relies heavily on a relationship with materials in particular paper, print and stitch. The haptic is a constant in her work as well as her tactic language of process and methodology Her fragmented and tactile manual processes allow for reflection and embodiment through the documentation and recording of memory.