Direction by Yingzi Guo

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Five years ago, I found a song and I loved it right away. For Them by Troye Sivan, is written from the view of a child seeing another side of the world, with war, death, crying, the simplest definition of sadness. The angel-like voice of the naive life inspired me. I started forming an idea to make an art piece based on it. The book can be folded to look like part of a street. Connected by the ground beneath, this is the edge between two sides of the world in a child's eyes. There is only a short transition between two sides, but that's what "good" and "bad" mean to a child. This also leaves a question of "black and white" for adults. Behind the street, are the lyrics of  For Them as the innocent voice of a child. For them, for the beginning of their lives, which side would you leave behind?

Artist Bio

Yingzi Guo from Shenzhen, China, is a 16-year-old art student in Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Massachusetts. She exhibited at the Visual Arts Exhibition in the Fall and Spring of 2012, and at "Art Walk" at South End Open Studios in Boston. As a foreign artist, Yingzi has her own way to see this world and express herself.