Die bessere Hälfte (The Better Half) by Ines von Ketelhodt

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The book contains portrait photographs of my maternal and paternal ancestors. They were taken from paintings, drawings, etchings and epitaphs or out of family albums. Beginning with the 13th century portrait of Peterico Count Stos the following pages show his descendents together with their wives, leading in direct line to me and my husband Peter Malutzki. The following pages show, beginning with my father, his ancestors with their wives in direct line. The book ends in the 13th century with Knight Vredebern Ketelhot. The individual portraits were divided in the center and set together with their spouse to let the "better halves" form a "new person". If a portrait is missing, the personal information ghosts through in reverse, as the respective names and dates of birth and death are printed in letterpress on the back of the portraits, digitally printed on translucent paper. Forming a further layer, historic dates from the 13th to the 21st century are set in relation to this data.

Artist Bio

Ines von Ketelhodt studied at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach/Germany and works in the fields of photography, artist's books and graphic design. She was a co-founder of "Unica T" (1986-2001). Ines worked together with Peter Malutzki on the 50 volumes book art project Zweite EnzyklopÜdie von Tl”n (1997-2006). Her main interests include: experimental typography and photography (such as long exposure time, taking photographs by chance); combination of photography and typography; combination of old and new techniques (letterpress, photographic prints, offset and digital printing). Exhibitions: 2002: Artist's Books from Germany, Takeo Gallery, Tokyo/Japan. 2006: Photography and the Artist Book, Gallery Light Factory, Charlotte/NC. 2007: Zweite EnzyklopÜdie von Tl”n, Gutenberg-Museum, Mainz/Germany. 2008: Tweede encyclopedie van Tl”n, Museum Meermanno, TheHague/Netherlands. 2011: MCBA Prize/Finalists, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis/MN. 2012: Diamond Leaves, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing/China. 2013: Seductive Alchemy, TWU Gallery, Denton/TX. 2014: loge de la raretä, Bibliothque nationale de France, Paris.