Devil Wind by Barbara Milman

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This book is about the effect of climate change on California wildfires. Forest fires in California are caused, or made exponentially more violent, by the hot, dry "devil winds"—the Santa Monica and Diablo Winds that blow in from the desert. With climate change, these winds are becoming stronger and more frequent. Devil Wind contains pages on each of the 20 biggest forest fires recorded in California since 1932. More than half of them have occurred since the year 2000, and they have been steadily increasing in size. Climate change is the most important issue humanity faces today. Unchecked, it will threaten the existence of our cities, decimate the world food supply, destroy the ecological balance of the earth, and create global political instability. Yet it has gotten very little attention, and even less action, from our political leaders. My books express these concerns about climate change in concrete artistic terms.

Artist Bio

Barbara Milman is a book artist and printmaker living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and internationally. Her work is currently focused on environmental and policy issues relating to climate change. Her artist's books are in the collections of the Yale, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Stanford University libraries, the New York Public Library, the Getty Museum, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as in many other public libraries, university libraries and museums. Her trade publications include Light in the Shadows and Zoe's Journal: How to Become a Real Artist. She is a past president of the California Society of Printmakers.