Destiny of Choice by Mary Uthuppuru - SOLD OUT!

How we live is a choice. I utilized the Choose Your Own Adventure format to address the decisions we make that contribute to garbage in our environment today. We don’t truly know exactly where things go once they are thrown away. What I want people to come away with from this book is to think more about where refuse goes once it is thrown out. Because our focus is not always on the result of our daily actions, the idea that what we throw away could be harmful leaves our radar completely. After all, once our garbage is placed on the curb, it disappears like magic. No matter what, making less garbage is the best scenario, but when there is something that can’t be reused, where do you put it and what really happens after it leaves your possession?

Artist Bio

Mary Uthuppuru creates artist books, bindings, boxes, and prints inspired by science, literature and travel. After receiving a BA in Art History in 2004, Mary pursued a Masters in Library Science with a specialization in rare books. During her education she closely studied the history of the book accompanied by training through workshops across the Midwest. She worked as a Conservation Technician at the Lilly Library in 2007, and gained an in depth study of book structures and their repair under the direction of the head of Conservation. As of 2010, she began her career as a full time book artist and book binder under the name Spring Leaf Press in her home studio in Bloomington, Indiana. In 2011, she won Best Binding in category at the One Book Many Interpretations: Second Edition exhibit at the Chicago Public Library.