Departure by Tekla McInerney -SOLD!

Open water swimming-where no fixed point marks the journey's end-is a seductive means of independent travel. The content for this book came out of time spent on the edge of a salt marsh. Text: The water wasn't cold or clear but grey like her. She swam past the two boys in a canoe going nowhere. Floating on her back, she saw a piece of the moon mark her place. She looked back toward the shore and understood how easy it was to disappear into the landscape. No one noticed she suddenly forgot how to swim.

Artist Bio

Tekla McInerney is an artist and designer living in Florence, Massachusetts. She makes prints and books and exhibits them throughout the U.S. She embraces the belief that artist's books are for the individual to develop an aesthetic and communicate a story using common materials. Her intent is to elevate common or "honest" materials into visually appealing and widely accessible work. Her books have been recognized with Best of Show and Juror's Choice awards and can be found in the collections of Yale University, the University of Washington, the University of Utah, and in private collections. She is a member of Zea Mays Printmaking studio and is represented in their Flat File project.