Dating by Jenny Craig - SOLD OUT!

Dating is part personal ad, part lessons learned. It is meant to be funny, but also to seriously examine and question the expectations brought to romantic encounters. It is a very personal work, but my readers seem to find themes that resonate. The book consists of an envelope enclosure, five small pamphlets and a card. The pamphlets ask questions and provide a choose-your-own-adventure of sarcastic answers. The book, much like dating itself, contains language not suitable for children. This book reflects all of the principles Hedi taught me. That is to say: make the binding reflect the content; make the book accessible and fun to manipulate; make the book function well. This is my 3D interpretation of a flow chart. The cover envelope presents a personal ad and the parameters for how to navigate the pamphlets. The pamphlets each reflect different, playful, structures, depending on their subject matter. They can be read in any order, and they present a sort of compatibility test.

Artist Bio

Jenny Craig is an artist and librarian, living in Seattle. She holds an MFA in printmaking and book arts from The University of the Arts. Her work has been shown internationally, and is housed at collections around the country. She has a playful sensibility and her work is frequently autobiographic in one way or another.