Cumberland, 1918 by Lucy Childs

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Cumberland, 1918 is a part of the In Memoriam series. These are books that are meant to be carried with you, for looking at and remembering someone (or a pet) who has died. Cumberland, 1918 shows how a surviving member of a family might mourn and remember family members killed during the flu epidemic of that year. Creating books in this series comes from exploring the history, craft, and culture of early American and British sewing samplers, made mostly by young girls to learn the practical craft of sewing but also to learn letters and spelling. Memorial samplers became popular in the late 18th century and frequently included lines from the bible or poems that helped capture the sentiments felt by the embroiderer.

Artist Bio

Early American and British sewing samplers inspire the recent sewn and embroidered artist books made by Lucy Childs. In the mid-70s, her first artist books included photography, xerox, and hand-written text. While making these artist books, she co-produced and published Another Room Magazine, a punk-based art and music magazine which encouraged artists to buy and use full pages for their art. The 80s and 90s were devoted to painting and sculpture, but she returned to making artist books in the mid-90s. In 2007 she began a small artists' book selling business, Another Room Book Arts, but since this summer is mostly focused on her producing own artist books.