Catching the Principles of Sprang by Hanne Frey Husø

As I was making this piece, I had nightmares during sleep. Nightmares clean past. After the shivering is over, some traumas from before seem to be gone and one feels fresh and newborn - a bit the same feeling as after lightning and thunder. I wanted to create a poem about dreaming in the technique of sprang. The poem of the book is about how dreams and nightmares make you move on, make you take a new step in mind. In Norwegian the word ‘sprang’ means to take a leap. As I was learning this technique, after the first try I realized the technique was not so difficult. My mistake was due to the wrong attitude to the threads. My difficulties was the way I approached the threads, in what order I took hold of the threads in my hands. The second try - my mind changed. The third try - the knots in my head loosened up at the same time as working with sprang became easier. None of my trials are perfect - but dreams and nightmares helped me move on mastering the technique - my attitude towards the threads as I made loops.

The book consists of three trials of sprang - done in handspun kozo paper. Then a front page with the title, playing with Dream Catcher. The last page is the poem.  The head of each page is strenghtened with a flax paper with watermark of a person walking.

The book is sewn as a Japanese account book. What we dream during sleep - is made up of our steps during life. When we dream - we do our accountance. The pages are folded as an accordion, so one cannot really see the full papers as one does in the Japanese account books.

Artist Bio

Hanne Frey Husø is a visual artist working in a variety of fields. She graduated with a Master in Textiles from the National Academy of the Arts in 2006. In addition she has studied Comparative Literature, Folkore and Informatics at the University of Oslo. Animation from the University college of Østfold, and also courses in Norway and the Czeck Republic. While she studied textiles, she started working with papermaking. In her artistic career she has made installations with animation and sceneries and puppets made of handmade paper - investigating the archive. In 2015 Husø wanted to know more about plants and cellulose as this is the main material for paper, and took three years courses as a gardener. In 2018 she moved to Stockholm and studied Artists Books. The last years Husø has worked mostly with Books as a visual expression and have been included in several exhibitions with Book Art. She runs Waspwriting Press, with the journal Botanography: an autobiographical journal where Husø views her own life in the light of plants.