Casting Beyond the Moon by Sharon McCartney -SOLD!

This is a unique book housed in a vintage cosmetic compact.The cover is unaltered, but the metal “pages” have been collaged hand printed papers and fragments of ephemera.The object is meant to be read like a book, by slowly unfolding the pages and relishing the connections between the images.  The images in the book suggest an evoked memory of an long ago event.

The artist book, by its very structure, encourages a focusing in, a direct engagement with content.  I present these images as collections to replicate moments of discovery for the viewer, and hope to recreate a sense of wonder for forms I consider unique and miraculous. In all of my books the natural details also act as metaphors for larger themes of transformation, vulnerability and survival.

Artist Bio

For Sharon McCartney, art begins with the long time habit of collecting natural objects in forests, fields and meadows and along lake and ocean shores. McCartney was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has lived in Massachusetts since 1983. In 2005 she relocated to the western part of the state to build her studio in the woods. There she creates fiber collage, sculpture, paintings and artist books.

With a background rooted in the study of art history, McCartney draws from the influences of both Asian and European art with natural themes. Her work has been exhibited throughout United States, and has been included in museum, corporate, university and private collections. It has also been featured in several books, including: Mixed Media Collage, and Altered Books, both by Holly Harrison (Rockport Publishers); One Hundred New England Artists, by E. Ashley Rooney, (Schiffer Publishing), and in the publications American Craft, Fiberart Now, Fiberarts, Somerset Studio, and Surface Design Journal.

Sharon is fascinated by objects with auras of history and stories to tell, and collects vintage textile and ephemera, and lines her shelves with all kinds of feathers, stones, seedpods and other gifts from nature. She lives with her spirited golden retriever, Ruby, and enjoys daily encounters with birds, growing things, seasonal changes, and the occasional bear.