Calidris Minutilla by Servane Briand

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I live just a few miles away from the Palo Alto baylands, so I go there often: to walk, to find peace and disconnect, to be close to the water, to watch birds and other wildlife. I go, in other words, to redraw this essential connection we all have to nature. Calidris Minutilla is one of many species of waders that can be spotted in the baylands. These tiny birds are a lovely sight as they fly and land and take off again in an effervescent lively way that never ceases to amaze me. Arranging the images using the elegant flowing structure invented by fellow book artist and friend Kyoko Matsunaga was just pure fun.

Artist Bio

A French native, Servane Briand first came to California in 1985 before completing her business degree in New York. Since then, she has lived in San Francisco, Paris, and Palo Alto. She has worked in various fields and made a radical move from high tech to arts and crafts when she discovered printmaking and book arts. Her books may be an attempt to gentle the information overload and make a pause in time, while she welcomes the wealth of data and ideas that are today's constant source of inspiration.