Built by Hand by Margot Fagan

I made this booklet to illustrate the classic art and design elements: line, colour, space, texture etc. As page three states: "The Elements Of Art Are The Basic Components Of Any Kind Of Composition: Music, Pictures, Buildings, Thoughts." My aim was to make a simple and memorable object meant to be handled. I like exploring relationships between design and learning, especially how design can specifically reinforce what's being taught. My choice of format and materials are meant to be playful and tactile and I also tried to maximize the structural nature of the folded pages to help underpin the concepts.

Artist Bio

Margot Fagan studied printing at the Ontario College of Art under the legendary industrial designer and master printer Bill Poole. She works as a print and textile designer and also an occasional teacher. Margot's work has been exhibited in galleries in Canada, Japan, The U.S. and New Zealand and her work is held in the permanent collections of the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau Quebec and the Ontario Crafts Council in Toronto. Her engagement with book arts stems from her work with students, exploring printing and making zines with young people.