Building The Universe: The Platonic Solids by Christine Trexel -SOLD!

Our modern thought has been built layer upon layer on the ideas and innovations of those that came before us. Plato sought to find a rational plan for the world. He believed that an intelligible pattern would make the function of things become clear. He determined that there are five regular solids that can be constructed out of equilateral triangles and pentagons and that those were the building blocks forming all matter. He further related those solids to the elements: i.e., the tetrahedron represents fire with its sharp angles, the hexahedron, or cube, represents earth because it is the most stable, the octahedron with its sliding angles represents air, the icosahedron's multiple angles are like the movement of water, and the dodecahedron is the closest thing to a sphere and, therefore, the universe. My book illustrates those concepts in form, content and color. We have moved beyond Plato's forms in our knowledge of the world but they remain elegant and quite beautiful just the same.

Artist Bio

Books have been an integral part of Christine Trexel's life since early childhood. She grew up on a farm in southeastern Colorado and spent many happy hours lost inside the pages of a book. She firmly believes a day without time set aside for reading is an incomplete day. As an adult she began her journey into creating her own books, which led to boxes, and then to making paper while living in Portland, Oregon. She has been fortunate to have taken a wide variety of classes at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts as well as with internationally known artists in book binding and paper making. Christine lived in Panama for seven years where she grew, harvested and processed plants from her garden to make paper for the books and boxes she creates. The wealth of vegetation fostered experimentation and a great deal of learning. Since returning to the PNW and settling in the vibrant arts community of Astoria, Oregon Christine has had the opportunity to show her work at Imogen Gallery in Astoria, Fairweather Gallery in Seaside, and in juried shows in Canon Beach Art Gallery in Canon Beach and Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts.