Build by Jan Dove

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I had an old box, some drawings, some handmade paper. As I began looking for ways to bring these elements together, I began thinking about the less tangible objects that social creatures build—friendships, teams, dialogues. I began asking myself what is it possible for humans to build. And why should they build? This book is about the BUILT Community. It calls on creative people of all inclinations—represented on the book’s stage by dancers—to find ways to construct strong and intertwined groups. From families to makers of cathedrals, the more we come together in creative endeavors, the harder it will be for authoritarian forces to divide and conquer us. It is up to each of us to choose our stone and BUILD.

Artist Bio

Born to peripatetic military parents, Jan Dove has never settled for long in any one physical place. With an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago she has helped folk as an artist/teacher/administrator in most of the State prisons in California. More recently, her work as a teacher in the Multimedia Arts Department of Berkeley City College has added the digital dimension to her interest in traditional print media. It has also brought her back to the form of the Artist Book to which she was introduced during her days in Chicago. Having settled recently on the northern Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, Jan has been fascinated by the clarity of its light, and by the beauty of this land where the mountains meet the sea.