Broken Code by Laura Ladendorf -SOLD OUT!

The foundation for Broken Code is a six-color linoleum reduction print. The artwork is based on the straight-forward style used in science/pocket guidebooks and inspired by plants and creatures in the artist’s own garden. This print has been dissected and reassembled in the form of Hedi Kyle’s flag book structure to represent the genetic modification of nature. The printed flags are interlaced with text positioned on the center “flags.” The text combines relatively legible generic statements regarding GMOs with the letters used in DNA sequencing in a cut-up pattern both informative and annoying.

Artist Bio

Laura Ladendorf is a designer, illustrator and book artist living in Asheville, NC. Currently working as studio manager at Asheville BookWorks, a book and print studio, Laura has been able to pursue studies in print, paper and artist books since 2009. In artist books her illustration work has found a home and the content often reflects both personal and political interests.