Bog-Mawnog by Lin Charlston

For Bog-Mawnog, I compiled a glossary of terms associated with the peat bog habitat. These objective facts are printed over a panoramic view photographed high in the Black Mountains of Wales. Behind me was an area of devastating peat erosion like an open wound in the landscape. I arrived here after an arduous climb, braced against the wind and frightened by the wild solitude. My subjective response has been reduced to single words, also ordered alphabetically but forcefully imprinted on the scene and competing with the objective glossary. The outer casing of the book has been torn away suggesting the exposure of the peat, unbound without its surface vegetation. The site featured in this book is the focus of Pip Woolf’s “woollenline project” at

Artist Bio

The "creative leap" from head of science faculty to book artist occurred in 2000. Lin Charlston gained an MA in Book Arts with Distinction at Camberwell College of Arts in London and today her artist's books are held in major public collections including Tate Britain, The National Art Library at V&A, Yale Center for British Art, The Art Institute of Chicago and UCLA. Charlston forfeits the luxurious aesthetic object using the artist's book as a platform for serious thought. Questioning rather than asserting, she delivers a whole-book experience that provokes debate about the communication of science, its applications and consequences. Charlston's interdisciplinary background and her interest in eco-feminism are evident throughout her work in which objectivity vies with subjectivity and speculative inter-subjectivity. Recent work investigates the fragile relationship between people and plants. Major influences have been the simplicity of the Coracle Press publications and the inventiveness of artists like Xu Bing.