Body of Inquiry by Casey Gardner


Body of Inquiry is a letterpress printed triptych structure holding a sewn codex within the subject’s torso. It is a book of display and intimacy opening to a large format with tiny details investigating the marvel of our physicality. The panels are composed of early laboratory instruments, absurdly and grandiloquently representing our endeavor to measure and understand the uncertainties of the world. The larger panels lyrically, yet authentically explore atoms, cells and genetic structure. The interior codex unfolds the story of a scientific journey inspired by an anatomical model. Written, illustrated, printed and hand bound by the artist.

Artist Bio

Casey Gardner began her career in the ski racing world of the Colorado Rockies. After graduating from CU Boulder with a degree in journalism, she worked in newspaper and magazine publishing before enrolling in art school. She has a BFA in printmaking and graphic design from California College of the Arts. At CCA, she studied book art with Betsy Davids. She lives in Berkeley, CA, making books and working as a graphic designer with Oona Kumataka at C+O Design.