Blue Peach by Alice Simpson

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When I first began making books in 1992, I hated the time wasted, pardon the pun, ruminating about what I wanted to create a book about, so I chose the peach as a subject, and made one after another with that theme. Why the peach? Because my creative experience is juicy, jubilant, sensual and delicious like the fruit. Rumi’s 13th Century poetry perfectly describes the pleasure I find in the creative process.

Artist Bio

Alice Simpson, award-winning graphics and packaging designer, operated her own design firm for more than thirty years. With a sophisticated aesthetic, she provided corporate identity, packaging, advertising and promotional materials, as well as her own unique style of illustration. Her clients included: Estée Lauder, Revlon, Redken, Max Factor, Avon, New York/Cornell Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, Upjohn Pharmaceutical, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, The Ford Foundation, among others. Her illustrations were licensed for products and appeared in books and national magazines. Simpson, former President of Women in Design, won the American Graphic Design Award for her annual "Love Valentine," DESI Award for packaging, and a Benjamin Franklin Annual Report Award. She taught drawing, design and packaging at FIT (SUNY), School of Visual Arts, NY, and Otis-Parsons, LA. Simpson's hand painted artist books are internationally exhibited, and part of private and public collections including: • Victoria & Albert Museum's National Art Library • Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts Jerome Robbins Dance Collection • American Vaudeville Museum, MA • Yale University's Arts of the Book Collection • Stanford University • Harvard University's Theater & Music Special Collections • Dartmouth College • Lincoln Center Theater