Blox City of the Future by Jennifer Farrell

$35.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
Over 2015-2016, Jennifer Farrell of Starshaped Press collaborated with P22 Analog, a division of P22 Type Foundry, to design and produce a new modular alphabet for letterpress printers. After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign to fabricate the printing blocks from plastic, P22 Blox was born and made accessible to all printers. The shapes can be altered to form words, images and all manner of possibilities. For Blox City of the Future, Jennifer chose to assemble the Blox in the form of a city, combining them with metal and wood type ornaments that worked well with their plastic brethren. The title is also set in a smaller, metal, modular type. The print is meant to cohesively combine type of all sorts into one piece, imagining a future that unites new and old materials for letterpress printing.

Artist Bio

Since 1999, Jennifer Farrell has operated Starshaped Press in Chicago, focusing on printing everything from business cards and social stationery to music packaging and posters, as well as custom commissions and limited edition prints. All work in the studio is done with metal and wood type, making Starshaped one of the few presses in the country producing commercial work while preserving antique type and related print materials. Jennifer's work has been repeatedly recognized both in print and design blogs, and has appeared in poster shows throughout the USA and Europe.