Blizzard Book by Virginia Phelps -AWARD WINNER!

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Blizzard Book is a nod to the well-known book structure created by Hedi Kyle, so named because she created the structure during a blizzard. This Blizzard Book is focused on snow and wind. Six personal stories about the artist's experiences with blizzard conditions accompany booklets containing moveable structures which depict and explain the six basic types of snow identified by the International Commission on Snow and Ice in the early 1950's. Each type of snow is created by specific atmospheric conditions that are present when water droplets freeze and result in radically different crystal shapes. The personal stories are a walk down memory lane from days when the artist lived in colder parts of the United States. At least three of the various structures incorporated into this book are attributed to Hedi Kyle. The whole book fans into the shape of a snowflake and the text is read through frosted windows. Winner: The Hedi Kyle Award. Congratulations, Virginia! 

Artist Bio

Virginia Phelps is a photographic media and book artists from Mountain View, CA. Book arts provide an avenue through which her abstract photographic imagery can merge with an unfulfilled childhood desire to become an architect. She creates works which combine elements of nature with the line and ingenuity of manmade shapes and functionality. Moveable structures that invite audience interaction frequently find their way into her artists books. Virginia's work is often adorned by handmade paper and blended photographic imagery which sets the mood for the concepts and short stories around which the books are built. She is an active member of the Bay Area Book Artists and the Pacific Center for the Book Arts. Virginia's work has been displayed in numerous book arts group exhibitions across the country.