Birds Everday by Dorothy McCuistion

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Mother-daughter team Dorothy McCuistion and Jefna M. Cohen collaborated on this book about familiar birds that one might encounter in the Pacific Northwest. From the lone red-tailed hawk by the side of the road to the ubiquitous seagull, the birds they have described are our neighbors, inhabiting our shared environment. They have paired dynamic images with rich vocabulary to delight a wide range of readers and draw attention to our avian companions in the skies, trees and undergrowth around us.

Artist Bio

Dorothy McCuistion lives and works in Tacoma, Washington. She has been involved in the arts for many years as an artist and arts administrator. For the past ten years she has been concentrating on one of a kind prints, or monotypes. In making these prints she takes time honored printmaking methods and moves them beyond tradition by utilizing current technology such as photocopy lithography. More recently she has incorporated her prints in book arts. She is drawn to the graphic qualities of printmaking and the compositional opportunities offered by the layering of various techniques. Jefna M. Cohen authored the poem in this book. She is school teacher and children's book author and lives with her family in Portland, Oregon.