Bird’s Bar Mitzvah by Michael Peven

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A story about how I came to love jazz music and my encounters with the Art Ensemble of Chicago and the great jazz musician Thelonious Monk as well as my confirmation many years later at Charlie Parker’s grave in Blue Summit, MO. The front (color) side of the book features stories about my first experiences with jazz music leading up to the time I met Thelonious Monk (and he fell into my lap) and then my trip to see Charlie Parker's grave. It is illustrated with images of me morphing into Charlie Parker as a background to the story with a number of other images of me, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Monk, Parker and Parker's grave and monument. Then there are two "ribbons" of images featuring jazz album covers that are folded into the pages and attached but can be "unfolded" in order to see the writing and images. The "back" (black and white) side is images from my Bar Mitzvah album (I received my first jazz album for my Bar Mitzvah...hence the title) with a story on "ribbons" about going to Hebrew school, preparing for the Bar Mitzvah and the party the images are from. These ribbons have text on both sides and are "tucked in" so that they can be opened and read. Hebrew lettering runs over the images and is the "Haftorah" portion that I read for the ceremony.

Artist Bio

Michael Peven was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois where he attended the University of Illinois, Chicago for a BA in Design and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for an MFA in Photography/Artists Books. He has been active as a photographer, bookmaker and installation artist since the 1970s. He is a Professor of Art at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville where he directs the photography program and teaches photography and bookmaking courses. His creative work in the areas of unique and limited edition artists books, photography and installation have been exhibited nationally and internationally in more than 40 one person exhibits and over 100 group shows and are in numerous public collections and archives. Peven has received awards and fellowships from the Arkansas Arts Council, Mid-America Arts Alliance/NEA, JW Fulbright College and the University of Arkansas Teaching Academy.