Bird Houses by Rob McDonald

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Rob’s 22 photographs, taken across the Southeast from 2002 to 2006, were made with a plastic “toy” Holga camera (known for its soft focus and vignetted corners) and hand-printed and hand-toned in his darkroom. These images are preceded by an illuminating essay Rob has written about the project’s origins from a larger body of work entitled “Southern Places.” “Rob McDonald’s photographs are an affectionate response to the variety and beauty of birdhouses. The honesty and purity of his eye are to be savored.” —WILLIAM CHRISTENBERY

“Rob McDonald has focused his Southerner’s affinity for home, the handmade, and the unique qualities of individual places on the many birdhouses he has photographed. These images remind us that no two spots on this earth are the same, that every house comes with its own set of spirits, and that everybody needs a shade tree.”—DAVID WHARTON, Center for the Study of Southern Culture, University of Mississippi

Artist Bio

Rob McDonald grew up in South Carolina and has lived in Lexington, Virginia, since 1992. Self-taught as a photographer, he is a professor of English and has published books on Southern literature and culture, most recently, Reading Erskine Caldwell (2006), and essays on photographers Jack Spencer and William Christenberry.  His newest book is Birth Place (Nazraeli Press 2008).