Beyond Boundaries by Full Plate Press

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Lynn Agnew, Robin Hruska, Susan Lange, Mary Jeanne Linford Full Plate Press Bainbridge Island, Washington Beyond Boundaries is a collection of poems and images which are reflections upon the boundaries we have encountered in our lives. Some of these boundaries are physical borders, others are internal gulfs, philosophical divides, cultural differences, or emotional and intellectual edges. We have found that some boundaries, lines or borders hold us back or contain us, while others beg to be crossed, and in crossing them we find ourselves set free of the constraints in our lives. We ask the reader to enjoy this book with an eye to examining the boundaries in his or her own life, and to ponder those things which might be changed in moving beyond his or her own boundaries.

Artist Bio

Full Plate Press is a collaborative book arts press, comprised of four women, located in Kitsap County in Washington State. Full Plate Press has been involved in art and book making over the course of several years. Originally, the four women enjoyed getting together regularly to work on their individual creative projects. Bouncing ideas off one another while creating individual projects encouraged them in the idea that they could work collaboratively on artist books that they might produce collectively. Full Plate Press meets regularly, works on books (most of the time), laughs, cares, sympathizes with each other when life is tough, and celebrates both the good times and small triumphs. They are indeed fortunate to be able to work collaboratively in the best sense of the word, inviting constructive criticism and suggestion from each other while being able to let their individual voices speak clearly.