Bernoulli’s Equation for Unsteady Potential Flow by Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli -SOLD OUT!

This sequence of nine continuous photographs is a personal representation of the element water. In traditional philosophies it is commonly associated with the qualities of emotion and intuition. Its wavy pattern calls to mind waves on the ocean’s surface, described in mathematical theory by Bernoulli’s equation for unsteady potential flow. Gallery note: This stunning movable book is by far the best contemporary use of a palm leaf structure. Amandine tell us, “My book visually and tactilely mimics the action of a body in water. The Bernoulli equation for unsteady potential flow (named for Daniel Bernoulli, 18th-century Dutch-Swiss mathematician) is used, among other places, in the theory of ocean surface waves and acoustics.” The Pompidou Center in Paris, France has produced a video about Amandine's book. You can watch the video about the book here.

Artist Bio

Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli is a photographer and book artist who grew up in France and now resides in Irvine, California. Amandine tells us. "I used to think I was a photographer, but I realize now that I am an image-maker. I construct tales of impossible love or of dreams that go beyond what can be expressed in a single image. The photographs become short stories, and they dictate their own form of presentation including installations, artist books or sequences. They are not told necessarily in linear fashion, which vastly increases the number of possible interpretations. I experiment with layering several different images and with a variety of narrative mechanisms. This way, the visual flow of the sequence is altered and normal reading habits are disrupted which allows viewers to blend their thoughts with the images."