Becket by Poppy Dully -SOLD!

Jean Anouilh’s play Becket of the Honor of God depicts conflicts between Thomas Becket (as Archbishop of Canterbury) and King Henry II of England, conflicts between England and France, and conflicts between church and state in 1170. Anouilh provided a wonderful introduction about how he came to write the play which was first performed in 1959. The play was translated into English in 1960 and a film adaptation was made in 1964 starring Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton. Although this play is set in a different historical time, its themes seem relevant to present day when authoritarian leaders disregard legal, ethical, and moral standards. Working with photos of film scenes as references, I created the monotypes with oil-based ink printed on the book pages of a 1960 hardback edition. The monotype pages are glued on backing paper, folded into accordion folds and mounted to the original book cover. The book has the original book jacket.

Artist Bio

Poppy Dully is an Oregon painter, printer, and book artist. She works in acrylics, oil, pen and ink and several printmaking techniques. She has a degree in design and cultural anthropology from UC Berkeley, a master’s in public health from UCLA and worked for over 20 years in fundraising and non-profit management. She has been exhibiting her artwork for over 20 years. Poppy’s artist’s books are products of discoveries, bringing together books and classic films. She was originally inspired by the work of artist William Kentridge and filmmaker Agnes Varda to bring words, image, print and films together in handcrafted book formats. Her books are in private and public collections including University of Washington, Stanford University, Multnomah County Central Library, University of Southern California, Savannah College of Art and Design, UCLA Fine Art Library and Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.